CNEX AIE, founded in 2009, is a company that is dedicated to the design, development, import, and export of silicone electronic products especially in the erotic sector. For years, the development of our own products as well as third-party designs has led us to study the various elements associated with creating outstanding products. Batteries, plates, motors, and other basic materials are all a part of the bigger picture.

Since we specialize in high-end products and are always striving to provide our customers with reliable, safe products, silicone was the only material to consider in our developments. Convinced that there is no safer nor more hygienic material for intimate use than silicone, CNEX set out to find a solution to convert silicone into a material that is preferred by all brands across their product ranges. Silicone, for all its benefits and exceptional qualities, is considerably more expensive than other materials used in the industry. That is why, in such a competitive market, brands decide to offer materials of lower quality in order to maintain sales volumes.

In a non-regulated industry such as erotica, it is the responsibility of the producing brands to offer a quality, safe, and healthy product. For us, the solution to this problem is to offer brands and factories a reduction in production costs. That is why CNEX has developed and patented SILEXPAN®, a material that when used as a filler, emulates all the qualities of the elastomers currently used, but at a much lower price.

If we provide an avenue in which the cost of manufacturing silicone is equal to or more economical than PVC, who would choose to create their products with PVC? SILEXPAN® reaches out to the adult market to promote a healthier industry and offer more affordable silicone products.