The creation of the new SILEXPAN® material has not been a matter of luck or chance. The development team of CNEX has been working on this formula since the beginning of 2016. The first product of the new generation of SILEXPAN® will be released in late 2018. More than two and a half years of research and production will finally become a reality.

Behind this revolutionary invention, there is a team that has dedicated a great amount of effort, time, and resources in fulfilling the first step toward CNEX’s goal. A company with a vision of the future such as ours, which devotes the majority of its resources to developing innovations to improve the industry, is obliged to protect itself to ensure competitiveness and the return on its investments.

That is why we make this invention public after having already presented the patent for this new material for the worldwide erotic sector.

We will continue taking steps towards a more hygienic and safe industry through the production and commercialization of our invention from our factory in Dongguan.